Yaptest Update: v0.0.6

This release of yaptest adds supports for more tools, fixes some bugs and has partial support for keeping track of which users belong to which groups of the systems you’ve comrpomised.  The full list of changes is shown below.  The yaptest installation page has links to the newly supported tools if you want to download them.  You can also download yaptest from the same page.

 2007-12-22 yaptest v0.0.6

* Added yaptest-groups.pl to keep track of group memberships
  for Unix system.  No Windows support yet, though.
* Added yaptest-bannergrab-ng.pl which runs bannergrab-ng on
  every TCP port.
* Added yaptest-sslscan.pl which runs sslscan on all the
  TCP ports which nmap thinks are SSL ports.
* Added yaptest-httprint.pl which runs httprint on all
  HTTP and HTTPS ports.
* Added yaptest-hoppy.pl which runs hoppy on all
  HTTP and HTTPS ports.
* Fixed bug in yaptest-wizard.pl.  It was creating test areas
  as subdirs other test areas.
* Fixed bug which prevented proper parsing of NTLM hashes from
  the john.pot file.
* Added support for cracking NTLM hashes using NTLM rainbow
  tables via rcrack.  See yaptest-credentials.pl for details.
* Bug fix: yaptest-parse-hydra.pl can now deal with blank passwords

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