Yaptest Update: v0.0.8

This is a relatively minor yaptest update.  Version 0.0.8 is available for download here.

The install scripts have been updated to be more compatible with OSX.  The incompabilities are better documented in comments.  I’ve also update the original notes from Deanx with some more of his wisdom.

I’ve completely rewritten yaptest-nmap-tcp.pl so that people who aren’t able to run yapscan can use nmap as their primary TCP scanner.  It still retains its old functionality of being able to run on just the open ports.  There are also options to run a quick scan, full scan or custom scan if you’re using nmap as your primary port scanner.

See below for new usage of yaptest-nmap-tcp.pl.

$ yaptest-nmap-tcp.pl --help
*                      Starting yaptest-nmap-tcp.pl                      *
*  [ Using yaptest v0.0.8 - http://pentestmonkey.net/projects/yaptest ]  *
Usage: yaptest-nmap-tcp.pl [ quick | full | openonly | n-m,o,p ]
Performs a TCP SYN scan of the IPs in the database.
The following scan types are supported:
        quick     Scan around 1400 common ports
        full      Scan all 65535 ports (default)
        openonly  Scan only the TCP ports that are recorded
                  as Open in the backend database.
        n-m,o,p   Custom portlist, e.g. 1-1000,3128,8000-8100
NB: nmap is required to be in the path.

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