Yaptest Update: v0.0.9

Yaptest v0.0.9 is ready for download.

The big changes in this release are:

  • The addition of yaptest-issues.pl to allow you to associate hosts with security issues .
  • yaptest-dns-grind.pl is now called to find hostnames from DNS PTR records and store them in the database.
  • Finally, oscanner is now called on each Oracle TNS listener identified by name to check for default passwords.

The Change Log below details some of the more minor changes not covered above…

2008-04-01 yaptest v0.0.9

* Added yaptest-issues.pl to keep track of which
  security issues are associated with which IPs / ports
* Added yaptest-oscanner.pl to run the Oracle password
  gussing script on all ports identified as Oracle by
* Added yaptest-dns-grind.pl to get DNS PTR hostnames
  for all IPs and store them in the database.
* yaptest-parse-arp-scan-local-network.pl now stores the
  NIC vendor as host-info (use yaptest-host-info.pl to
* yaptest-password-guess-ssh.pl now runs against all
  ports nmap identifies as ssh, not simply against port
* Added missing yaptest-parse-nbtscan.pl.  Oops.
* OSX users can install more easily using:
     make databasemac
     make installmac
* Debug messages removed from yaptest-progress.pl
* "make install" will check for PERL syntax errors while
  installing.  This is more to avoid bugs in releases
  than to help end users, though.

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