Yaptest Update: v0.1.1

Version 0.1.1 of yaptest is now available.

There are some improvements to the API, bug fixes for Linux users, enhanced support for bannergrab, sslscan and ldapsearch.

See below for the full change log…

2008-04-20 yaptest v0.1.1
* command_log table created.  Each time yaptest runs an
  external command, it will log the time the command is
  run to the command_log table.  End time is also recorded.
* API improvement.  Forked process can now communicate with
  backend database.  This was required for new logging
* yaptest-wizard.pl now reminds you to run yaptest-db-ips.sh.
* dns-grind, medusa, oscanner, snmpwalk added to dependency list.
* hoppy output now saved via -S option.  Hoppy v1.5+ required.
* yaptest-ldap.pl renamed to yaptest-ldapsearch.pl
* ldapsearch explicitly specifies -x for simple auth.  The
  default on mac seems to be not to use simple auth.
* LDAP namingContexts stored in the port_info table.
* Added yaptest-port-info.pl for viewing information stored
  about each port.
* HTTP script now run against "nmap_service like http" instead
  of "nmap_service = http".  Proxy ports were being missed.
* Bug fix: A couple of scripts were still using perl -w.
  This breaks on linux where #!/usr/bin/env perl -w is used.
  Added "use warnings" instead.
* API improvement.  "OR" queries for port_info, e.g.
  nmap_service_name is "oracle" OR oracle_tns.  See
  yaptest-tnscmd.pl for an example.
* yaptest-bannergrab-ng.pl renamed to yaptest-bannergrab.pl
* Output from bannergrab now stored in the database.
* sslscan is now run against SMTP servers supporting
  STARTTLS.  sslscan v3.6+ required.
* smtp-user-enum.pl is run against SMTP servers which
  bannergrab identifies has allowing user enumeration.
  Usernames are auto-parsed into credentials database.

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