Yaptest Update: v0.1.3

The new version of yaptest can be downloaded here.

Here’s the change log:

* Global settings (for all users) can now be configured in
  /etc/yaptest.conf - useful if lots of pentesters use a
  shared server.
* Lines in config files starting with # are treated as
* Included some example dictionaries.  These get installed
  in /usr/local/yaptest.  You want to replace these
  with some good dicts or select a different dict using
* Created yaptest-db-ips-mac.sh for mac users.  It's basically
  the same as yaptest-db-ips.sh but doesn't run yapscan
  (yapscan doesn't work on mac)
* Changed usage of "yaptest-hosts.pl delete" to be like
  "yaptest-hosts.pl add".
* Bug fix: yaptest-parse-nmap-xml.pl now copes when extra
  XML has been appended to an existing results file.

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