Yaptest Update: v0.2.0

Yaptest v0.2.0 is now avaialble.  Download it here.

The main improvements are support for udp-proto-scanner to improve UDP service detection and support for ms08-067_check to automatically check for the most recent pentester-friendly MS vulnerability.

There are also minor improvements including DNS tests and more automatic issue-parsing.  Remember that you can use YaptestFE to view collected data if you get tired of using the CLI.

The complete changelog is below…

2008-11-31 yaptest v0.2.0

* yaptest-dns.pl now tries additional DNS queries
  Bind version disclosure issue parsed automatically
* yaptest-kcmsd-fileread.pl added to get credential information
  from hosts via metasploit 2 kcmsd exploit.
* yaptest-config.pl must be used set "exploit_ok = yes"
  before exploitation scripts will run (rexd, kcmsd)
* yaptest-config.pl must be used set "unsafe_ok = yes"
  any unsafe exploits / checks are run (ms08-067)
* yaptest-parse-rpcinfo.pl inserts additional issues
* Added yaptest-udp-proto-scanner.pl to run udp-proto-scanner
  for better UDP service detection
* yaptest-nxscan.pl automatically parses issues
* Bug Fix: "yaptest-progress.pl reset" works for port-related
           progress as well as host-related progress.
* yaptest-telnet-fuser.pl changed to use metasploit 3.  Now
  automatically grabs credentials when possible.


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