Yaptest Update: v0.1.7

Version 0.1.7 of Yaptest is now available for download.

This release parses additional issues into the backend database, along with Network Topology information (so YaptestFE can draw a network diagram for you).  There is also support for exporting data in XML format so you can import Yaptest’s findings into 3rd party tools.

The complete changlog is listed below:

* These scripts can now export query results in XML format
  for importing into 3rd party tools:
  - yaptest-issues.pl
  - yaptest-hosts.pl
  - yaptest-ports.pl
  - yaptest-port-info.pl
  - yaptest-host-info.pl
* yaptest-issues.pl has an 'insecgen' option to generate issues
  about insecure protocols being used.
* Added yaptest-parse-nikto.pl to parse a few issues from
  nikto output.
* yaptest-parse-ping-r.pl now parses hop number into backend
* yaptest-parse-oscanner.pl generates issues about weak logins.
* yaptest-sslscan.pl now has a timeout.
* Bug Fix: yaptest-issues.pl can now search on test_area
* Bug Fix: yaptest-port-info.pl can now search on value
* Bug Fix: Stopped yaptest-parse-nmap-xml.pl from parsing
           closed TCP ports into the database.
* Bug Fix: yaptest-snmp-user-enum.pl does better pattern
           matching to determine hosts to run against.
* Bug Fix: Traceroute output file now contains IP addr.

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