Yapscan Update: v0.7.4

I just made a minor improvement to yapscan .  Download it here . Sid from notsosecure.com suggested that ICMP scans shouldn’t by default throw out lots of annoying messages like “STRANGE: can’t find on my host list”.  I agree.  This was more of a debugging thing anyway.  This is fixed in v0.7.4 – you […]

Minor Update: Yapscan v0.7.3

I just updated yapscan .  It no longer crashes when two debug flags are used for TCP scans.

Minor update: Yapscan v0.7.2

I just fixed a bug that caused yapscan to crash intermittently during ICMP scans.  Download page.

Yapscan Update: Scan Unlimited Hosts

Previous versions of yapscan had an annoying habbit of consuming large amounts of memory if you tried to do a really big portscan.  The latest version calculates the amount of memory that will be required, and if it’s above a user-configurable maximum (150MB by default), it breaks the scan into smaller chunks. Download the latest […]


TCP Half-open port scanner / fast ICMP scanner. Some limited support for UDP scans too. It’s beta, but still kinda useful. Download Yapscan v0.7.4-beta as tar.gz. Recent changes are detailed in the CHANGELOG. Update: You’re better off using the SVN copy on google code.  It’s more up to date. MD5 and SHA1 checksums are the […]