Storing Misc Host Information With Yaptest

As of version 0.0.7 yaptest is able to store arbitrary information about hosts.  This is particularly useful on large tests.  This page provides a few examples of how to use the script.

To query the host-info that’s been recorded for a host:

$ query -i
test_area_name  ip_address      key     value
--------------  ----------      ---     -----
int  os      Windows 5.0
int  windows_domwkg  WORKGROUP

To query the OS information (collected only via at present) on all the hosts your scanned so far:

$ query --key os

To find all members of a particular domain:

$ query --key windows_domwkg --value xyzco

To find all the Windows 2000 servers:

$ query --value 'Windows 5.0"

To find all the domain controllers (this information is collected via

$ query --key windows_dc

To add host-info just specify a new key on the command line: add --ip --key nis_domain --value foo


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