YaptestFE Update: v1.0

A new version of the Yaptest Frontend is available.  Download it here.

The release fixes a couple of bugs pointed out by Deanx when running YaptestFE on Mac.

I’ve added new Network Map item to the left-hand menu bar.  This reads in topology information gathered by yaptest (from “ping -R”, traceroutes, TTL information, SNMP) and attempts to display using Graphviz in something resembling a network diagram.

Graphviz was never really designed for drawing network diagrams, but I’ve found the results both useful and accurate on internal, unfiltered networks.  In the majority of cases, it should speed up manual mapping of the network, even if it doesn’t get the result exactly right on its own.


NB: Yaptest 0.1.7 or above is required for the Network Map feature.

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