Metasploit Release Database of Weak SSH Keys for Debian OpenSSL Vuln

The metasploit guys have released a database of all 1024-bit DSA and 2048-bit RSA SSH public/private keypairs that could have been generated by x86 Debian/Ubuntu hosts vulnerable to the OpenSSL Predictable Random Number Generator flaw. This opens up the possibility of two practical attacks against weak SSH keys during pentests: If you can read a […]

Incognito Integrated Into Metasploit

I just read a brilliant blog post on Carnal0wnage.  Luke Jennings’ Incognito has been integrated into metasploit.  Check out Luke’s recent paper if you missed it. In a nutshell, if you get SYSTEM level access to a box (e.g. MSSQL database) and a domain user is logged into that box, then you can use meterpreter […]