Yaptest Update: v0.1.4

Version 0.1.4 of Yaptest is now available.  This release adds a couple of new features and fixes some bugs and usability problems (a big thanks to deanx for reporting these). It’s now possible for the run_test API to filter based on the host_info table.  This feature is used by yaptest-nmap-udp.pl to run a full UDP […]

Yaptest Update: v0.1.3

The new version of yaptest can be downloaded here. Here’s the change log: * Global settings (for all users) can now be configured in /etc/yaptest.conf – useful if lots of pentesters use a shared server. * Lines in config files starting with # are treated as comments. * Included some example dictionaries. These get installed […]

Yaptest Update: v0.1.2

Yaptest v0.1.2 contains a minor bugfix.  Download it here. * yaptest-nmap-tcp.pl now parallelises scans – accidentally   removed in previous version.

Yaptest Update: v0.1.1

Version 0.1.1 of yaptest is now available. There are some improvements to the API, bug fixes for Linux users, enhanced support for bannergrab, sslscan and ldapsearch. See below for the full change log…

Yaptest Update: v0.1.0

This update to yaptest includes a few bug fixes and features to better support Mac users.  Download v0.1.0 here. * #!/usr/bin/perl changed to #!/usr/bin/env perl.   This allows users to change to a different perl   interpreter just by changing their path. * Cheers to deanx for the following bug reports / feature   requests: […]

The Yaptest run_test API

This page documents how to use the run_test API from your own home-brew yaptest scripts.  

Yaptest Update: v0.0.9

Yaptest v0.0.9 is ready for download. The big changes in this release are: The addition of yaptest-issues.pl to allow you to associate hosts with security issues . yaptest-dns-grind.pl is now called to find hostnames from DNS PTR records and store them in the database. Finally, oscanner is now called on each Oracle TNS listener identified […]

Associating Hosts with Security Issues in Yaptest

Version 0.0.9 of yaptest introduced yaptest-issues.pl.  This script is responsible for storing associations between hosts and security issues that you (or yaptest) have identified (e.g. has the “telnet -fuser” vulnerability). This page illustrates how to use yaptest-issues.pl.

Yaptest Update: v0.0.8

This is a relatively minor yaptest update.  Version 0.0.8 is available for download here. The install scripts have been updated to be more compatible with OSX.  The incompabilities are better documented in comments.  I’ve also update the original notes from Deanx with some more of his wisdom. I’ve completely rewritten yaptest-nmap-tcp.pl so that people who […]

Getting Yaptest to work with Sudo

When you first install yaptest and try to use sudo you might get the following error: $ sudo yaptest-nmap-udp.pl ERROR: Environment variable YAPTEST_DBNAME is not set  at /usr/local/lib/site_perl/yaptest.pm line 126         yaptest::new(‘yaptest’) called at /usr/local/bin/yaptest-hosts.pl line 8         (in cleanup) Can’t call method “disconnect” on an undefined value at /usr/local/lib/site_perl/yaptest.pm line 3247. This is because […]